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Thursday, March 20, 2008

things i miss about BC

hi there. I'm not sure whether i should introduce myself or not. here goes the 'data':

single working mom in durban with vitriol running through her head, constantly, lying next to dreams. write and love it, smoke too much and trying to be unapologetically alive.

and I just want to say this: i think you're all amazing mothers. But, more than that, amazing writers. But, more than that, amazing women.

I thought I'd start with a little list of things I miss from BC. BC = Before.Child.

So, here goes:

1. Staying up all night, sleeping my hangover off all day.
2. Playing music loudly. all day.
3. I once spent an entire weekend in my pyjamas, watching South Park. Nothing disturbed me. On my worst mommy days, I want to timewarp back to there.
4. Having money to spend on the things I want, not the things she needs.
5. Having clean carpets.
6. Smoking inside the house.
7. Getting home from work and not doing anything domestic 'til the morning after.
8. Being able to type coherent blogposts/emails/anything, and not having to fight for the keyboard.
9. Being able to wear jewellery and not having it stolen from me with a "Mommy! Pretty!" glee.
10. Not having to feel guilty for getting my jig on with the girls.
11. Randomly 'going on the pull' with the girls, and waking up somewhere and thinking "you're nice, what's your name again?"

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. now breathe in and go wash bottles mom.


sweets said...

hi! ahhhhhhh the b.c. days... gotta love it!!

angel said...

teehee... nice post- and welcome newbie!!!
ta for all the compliments!!!

c@th said...

hey hey. the b.c. days.

and then we had A.D. AD = after delivery.


yay thank you!

Sheena Gates said...

Its about friggen time you got here!

I think there is an official way to introduce yourself (ask Tam, something about photos and what what).

Lovely post.

mwah! love you lots xoxo