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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Damien's Time Capsule

Today Damien, you are 17 years and 5 days old- it was your birthday last Saturday!!

Good grief… you’re 17… wow…



Back to now.


At this exact moment, you are at J’s house. You’re probably skateboarding, or playing PS2, or listening to music and smoking up a nicotine storm in J’s converted-garage-bedroom.


These days, you consider yourself a metal-head, so you like to wear all black… or anything with skulls on… or t-shirts with funny slogans like “tell your girlfriend I said thanks”. I think it’s pretty cool as I have always been a metal-head myself, although we were called “head bangers” when I was in high school! Your taste in metal is just a lot heavier than mine.


You’re not big on watching a lot of TV, you prefer movies or PS2, but when you do watch you LOVE anime…! The Matrix trilogy you have seen so many times I have truly lost count, and the Jurassic Park movies are also way up there on your list of favourites. When you do watch TV, you like “Heroes”, “X-Files”, “Freaky Links”, “The Outer Limits” and “Survivor”.


Your current hobbies… apart from your girlfriend… consist of Warhammer, skateboarding, PS2 and drawing, but Warhammer rules! You spend hours painting and building your models. And of course there’s MXit. Does that count as a hobby I wonder? With the amount of time you spend on your phone chatting to friends I am sure it must be a hobby!


Something you say a lot is “cool”. In a monotone. This is your answer for everything! If you’re really excited I may hear you say “cool!” with a smile. And you giggle like a lunatic when you’re on MXit.


Your favorite food at this age is whatever is in the fridge… LOL! You love Two-Minute-Noodles, Coke, FrootLoops, Vienna sausages, roast chicken, Hawaiian pizza, McDonalds Big Mac and KFC. You love making your own “grilled” cheese sandwiches in the microwave and you make flapjacks yourself too- there’s always batter in the fridge!


I love you to death my precious boy, but I really wish you would stop talking to me like you own me...


I think you're a great kid because you so often think of others… like when we’re walking around a shopping mall you will point out things that you know other people will like, and you go out of your way to humour your mom when it comes to things like hunting Easter eggs or writing a letter to Santa! And you know me so well, when shopping for a gift for me you know exactly what I will like and won’t like.


I love when you hug me for no apparent reason, and then hold on for a while, and when you kiss me goodbye no matter where we are or who’s watching!


I tried to think of something I’m wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day… but my wardrobe has always been a little strange so I have reduced you to giggles a few times with feather boas, false eyelashes, hats and shoes.


I'm amazed that you have never broken a bone in your body! As hyper as you can be, and the number of times you’ve fallen off of or out of something and climbing buildings and such, you’ve never broken anything. There’ve been lots of stitches and x-rays, many scars, and two stomach pumps, but never a broken bone!


Something you are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with… stopping smoking! You keep trying, and I wish I could make it easier for you.


Here are some headlines from today’s Google News…

South Africa:

Shoot To Kill

Struggle hero Chris Hani celebrated

Put on your pants girls



Zimbabweans Flock to Border Amid Crisis

Kenya Should Not Let Down Continent



MEPs to call for EU Olympics ban

BBC iPlayer risks overloading the internet

Today on the Presidential Campaign Trail



sweets said...

"I love when you hug me for no apparent reason, and then hold on for a while, and when you kiss me goodbye no matter where we are or who’s watching!"

that's precious!!!

meleah rebeccah said...

Happy Birthday to your son

"I love when you hug me for no apparent reason, and then hold on for a while, and when you kiss me goodbye no matter where we are or who’s watching!"

Man I hope my son is like that when he is 17. He's only 11 and wants no part of Mommy these days.

Meg said...

He sounds like a great kid--but keeping working on influencing those musical tastes of his!

stephanie said...

What a terrific mom of a teen you are, to appreciate his sometimes obnoxiousness but mostly - to have taught him to be loving & kind.

Well done :)

Ches said...

You ladies might enjoy this post...this is how kids use to grow-up in South Africa! Later, Ches

angel said...

sweets: innit just!??!

meleah rebeccah: i am indeed blessed!

meg: ta :-D

stephanie: why thank you ~~blushing~~

ches: i'll be right there!

SWC said...

Aww, this brought tears to my eyes. I wonder what mine will be like at 17. You are such a sweet momma.