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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Timeless Memories

Today you are 3 days away from being 5 months.

This is what you looked like when you were born:

At this exact moment, you are sleeping across my knees, drooling down my leg. 5 seconds ago you were wide awake, singing and enjoying being bounced up and down.

These days, you like to wear, or I like you to wear: an assortment of baby gro's. I particularly like your camo one. You match your dad when you wear this.

Your favorite t.v. show(s) or movie is this: The kids programming on BBC Prime - Balamory, Big Cook Little Cook, The Roly Mo Sho, Tweenies and also anything on The Style Network (you gonna have style, boy)

You love to do this: bounce up and down, chew peoples' fingers, drool, suck your toys, stand up and bounce.

You say this a lot: goo. bah. dah. you even said 'oink' once.

Your favorite food these days: Isomil1. (still only drinking your bottle)

This is your favorite toy: Enrico The Turd

I love you to death, but I really wish you would stop doing this: crying. I dont know what it means....I have to guess...and its a little frustrating.

You're a great kid because of this: you look really cute when you sleep. I think that's when I love you the most.

I'm amazed that you do this: already hold your own bottle, and put your own dummy back in your mouth, and are starting to crawl. And you're not even 5 months yet!

I love when you do this: smile at me when you wake up. Laugh uncontrollably when I tickle you. Splash around in the bath.

Something I’m wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day (or already does):gold slip on shoes.

Something you are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with:putting your dummy back in your mouth the right way up. You're also battling with crawling, sometimes it looks like you're swimming on land...

This is an article from a magazine or newspaper describing an event that happened today or around this time:

Eskom Load-Shedding Schedule.

Baby Born With Two Faces.

Iraq: Five Years Later.

On this day in history: 9 April

1967 - The first Boeing 737 was rolled out for use.

1831 - Robert Jenkins lost an ear. The event started a war between Britain and Spain.

1959 - NASA announced the selection of America's first seven astronauts.

1970: Paul McCartney announces the official breakup of the Beatles.

On your birthday these things happened: 13 November

1956 - The U.S. Supreme Court struck down laws calling for racial segregation on public buses.

1998 - "The Wizard of Oz" was released on the big screen by Warner Bros. 59 years after its original release.

1994 - Sweden voted to join the European Union.

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stephanie said...

This is great stuff. I especially love the picture of him holding the bottle with his feet. I'm pretty sure only geniuses do that :)