Count the Bad Mommies

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Penace for ignoring BOBM

I think my negligence has finally caught up with me.

I am sick and The Pickle isn't.

This means there is a reversal of power in my home.

*me sneezing and coughing and looking horrid*

"Morning my Pickle," I mumble making a beeline for the coffee.

"Morning Mammo!" she chirrups happily. "Riaan and me are going to have pinano lessons today!!"[could someone shoot her now].

"Oh that is good my Pickle, I'll make sure Lebo picks you up OK?"

"Thanks Mammo! Are you sick Mammo? Shame!" [she doesn't sound at all sorry]

*slobbery kiss from Pickle*

Then the sting

"Euuww Mammo, your germs!!" and she skips off to terrorize someone else!


Bridget said...

Coming to click the follow-up thingy!

angel said...

aaah... out of the mouths of babes eh...