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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

About bloody time I do some homework . . .

Today you are 7 years, 3 months and 1 day old.

At this exact moment, you are at home playing (or annoying) granny.

These days, you like to wear anything comfy. You like the occasional dress, but prefer shorts.

Your favorite t.v. shows and movies are High School Musical, Hannah Montana, The suite life of Zach and Cody.

You love to do crafts, write stories and plan birthday parties for your stuffed animals.

You say many things, some of them are a little out there. I love nothing more than our Saturday and Sunday morning, in bed, chat-a-bouts!

Your favorite food differs from day to day. You are the fussiest eater ever!

Your favorite character from a show or movie is difficult to tell. Hannah Montana maybe? I get the feeling that the entertainment of the whole show is what you dig :-)

This is your favorite toy: Pollys and Barbies.

I love you to death, but I really wish you would stop bawling when you don't get your own way and the new sulking thing is driving me crazy!

You're a great kid because of so many things. I am constantly amazed at you. I am always proud of you. You totally rock kiddo.

I'm amazed that you read so well, have such an affinity for numbers (mamma's girl) and love so strongly.

I love it when you curl yourself up on my lap, or fall asleep on my shoulder. You're getting older and these moments are rarer and rarer.

Something I’m wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day (or already does) is my bikini :-)

Something you are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with is your own impatience with yourself. You are not superwoman baby. It takes time to master anything. Give yourself a break every now and then.

This is an article from a magazine or newspaper describing an event that happened today or around this time:

"Schoolchildren in Kliptown, Soweto have become the first in South Africa to benefit from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) campaign, reports the Mail and Guardian.
One hundred children from the Kliptown Youth Programme have joined the community of 250 000 children from developing countries across the world in being owners of the worlds cheapest and child-friendliest laptops.
The durbale XO Laptops weigh only 1.3 kilograms and cost US$100 (R780) to manufacture. OLPC founder Nicholas Negoponte, aims to address the lack of educational resources and the consequent impact on the learning potential of children living in developing countries, by distributing the laptops around the world."

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