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Monday, April 7, 2008

You’re almost 21!!

Today you are just over a month away from your FIRST birthday.

At this exact moment, you are
at your grandma's place. She looks after you during the day. You're probably having a sleep now. Great, seeing as you didn't sleep all that much last night. Today I am knackered!!

These days, I still get to dress you. I like dressing you in
Camo clothes. You are and will always be Mommy's Little Soldier. I also get to do your hair. It's always in a Mohawk style. Luckily, you have such straight hair, it just does what I want it too. I will be taking you for a haircut soon though – short back and sides.

Your favorite t.v. show(s) or movie is this:
7de Laan, Coolcatz, Barney – The stupid Dinosaur and I let you watch Baby Einstein – Da Vinci a lot. You love the handpuppets.

You love to do this:
Hold my hand and walk all over the place (you can't walk by yourself yet and you absolutely refuse to crawl), help me with the washing, shoving anything and everything in your mouth and you just lurve getting your own way…

You say this a lot:
Ka – for look, Ghia – Giraffe, Mamma, Oupa, Pappa and Nee nee nee – Meaning No No No

Your favorite food these days:
I feed you a lot of yoghurt, as some days that is the only thing you will eat and you don't mind bananas either. And you just have to have food off other people's plates, regardless of whether you actually like it or not.

Your favorite character from a show or movie is this:
Like I've said, you like Barney, but you hate sleeping next to him. You don't really care for characters, but can't get enough of your digger trucks.

This is your favorite toy:
Your digger trucks, your Xylophone, Gapie-Apie, and Sheep. What do all of these have in common? They are all yellow.

I love you to death, but I really wish you would stop doing this:
I hate when you scream your head off when you don't get your way. I am your mom, I've been around much longer than you, I'm bigger than you, and if I say No, IT'S NO! Deal with it!!!

You're a great kid because of this:
You always
wake up with a smile. You give me lots of hugs and kisses. Even though I don't look after you during the day, and you spend most of your time with your grandma, you still know that I am your mother. And you are happy to see me when I come to pick you up!

I'm amazed that you do this:
You develop at a rate which is far too advanced for a little baby person! You can stack building blocks on top of each other, building cuppy towers and you understand when I talk to you. I taught you about Baby Tarzan on Wednesday, and by Thursday morning, you were doing it by yourself. You are an amazing little being!

I love when you do this:
You kiss me hallo, and you kiss me goodbye. You don't do this with anyone else!

Something I'm wearing these days that will probably make you laugh some day:
Oneday, when you're big and grown up, you'll probably laugh at all the clothes I've ever worn. I have a unique style, that not many people can pull off, and if you don't know me, you'll probably think I'm weird…

Something you are struggling with presently that I wish I could help you with:
Walking! I wish you would just walk now so you can go where you want to, when you want to, for however long you want to. I can't stand the frustration you have to endure because you can't manage on your own yet.

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angel said...

what a wonderful post... i do hope these are all around in 20 years time!!! said...

awwww..Boobah sounds so sweeeet....

maybe I'll figure out a way to collect them and save them for everybody:-)

Parenthesis said...

Lovely post =)

Boobah's Mom said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the nice remarks!

Boobah's Mom said...

And it would be nice to come back to this one day and show him how much I've loved him, right from the start!