Count the Bad Mommies

Monday, April 21, 2008

Right. An update.


So, Exmi has asked me to babysit this here blog. I don't actually think she knows what she's doing giving me permissions and all, but hey - I will try not abuse it. Even though I'm locked out of my own blog. She's a lawyer lady, so has a major thesis on the go, and is busy busy busy. Lets give her a round of applause for hard work, ladies!

I propose a new homework task. Each mother does a post that is different to the last post posted. Got it? maybe a little less repetitiveness will liven this blog up a little bit.

Also, are there any readers out there that aren't contributers? Make yourself known, don't be shy. Questions, discussions, whatever - you are most welcome to get involved.


Sheena Gates said...


for follow ups

sweets said...

i am a bad bad mommy... i haven't posted for ages... sorry girls... spank me, yes i think so ;)