Count the Bad Mommies

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy [Bad] Mothers' Day!

On account of how it's a day for us, I hope you all got spoiled. Hope your rotten, ungrateful snot-nosed children remembered and made you feel special.

I thought it would be time we all did some homework again. But something different. Something a little more exciting. Something with a promise of reward, at the end of the day. So, I propose a
'Baddest Mommy of Them All' competition.

How it works:
1. Write a post describing why you think you are the baddest of them all.
2. We will then hold a poll. Once everyone has submitted their entry-posts. The deadline is Friday the 16th of May.
3. Readers can vote, based on each contributors' post, at the end of the week as to whom they think is the baddest of them all. So email all your friends and solicit votes on your own blog.
4. The results will be revealed.
5. The winner will get a custom-made 'Baddest Mommy on The Blog' badge for their personal blog, and will have a permanent custom-made pretty button-badge linked to their blog, displayed on The Bad Mommy Blog.

1. You cannot vote for yourself, but you must nominate yourself.
2. You dont have to be a Bad Mommy Blog contributor to participate, so you can post an entry on your blog, and then email me at cheapthrills [at] webmail [dot] co [dot] za. Your entry will be posted as a guest blogpost on this blog, and you will be added to the poll so readers can vote for you. If a non-Bad-Mommy-Blog-contributor wins, she will be invited to be a permanent contributor to the blog.
3. There are no limits to badness! Anything goes...

So, go forth, and be BAD!


Meg said...

I don't know if I'm 'bad,' but my post has the lyrics to a song I wrote called 'Blame It On Your Mother.'

Come and visit.

And I love Fight Club, too--don't really know other women who will even watch it.

Happy Mother's Day!

sweets said...

oh~my~greatness... how bad is bad...?? i'll have to think about this one! good idea tho!!!!

angel said...

ok so i have to mull this one over a bit...
nice idea!

angel said...

ooh and meg- "fight club" is one of my favourite movies! i have the dvd and i have lost count of how many times i have actually seen it!!

Sue Doe-Nim said...

Oh can you please change the rules so I can nominate my own mother.

She has a blog, she never updates it but she's a blogger and a HORRIBLE mother in the best possible way.

Hrmph, I'll have to read the rules and see if there are any chinks in my armor...

Yeah, you can stop laughing now.