Count the Bad Mommies

Thursday, July 17, 2008

7 Wonders of the Motherhood bubble...

So many crazy things come to mind, but, time being what it is with a four year old, here is my brief list:
I can no longer....
1. Swear like a sailor, I love swearing... it's like punctuation of the spoken word, unfortunately my daughters first recognisable phrase was "naughty damnit" which put my favourite phrases into hibernation faster than a good zip.
2. Finish a sentence, sorry...where was I?
3. Wander around naked with my husband... "mommy, why does your boob have an earring?" tends to lead directly to "nana, mommy's boobs have earrings"
4. Swing dance like a confident orangutang, barbie dolls, bicycles, doll houses and rollerskates create the most fascinating bruise patterns, its the mommy version of relating cloud forms to common shapes... One day I will complete my study of parenting bruises and win a nobel prize, that is, if I can complete a sentence.
5. Wear a bikini, one word "C- Section"
6. Go to festivals, no signal - no hope.
7. Blog, slacker slacker slacker....
I could extend it, but it seems I need to save a princess from a dragon...


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

i also miss going to festivals!!

loved your list, glad you found time to blog!!

angel said...

oh this is such a cool list... i'm so with you on the festicals! if you can't reach me somewhere then i won't be there