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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Seven things i cannot do since i became a mommy

It is in my opinion that although we feel we are super moms sometimes there are a few things i can no longer do or perhapes CHOOSE no longer to do.

1. Sleep with my door locked. Now although this is done when mom and dad have some fun, it is unlocked at all other times. I want to get to them quickly and need to know they can get to me if need be.
2. Go shopping for clothes: and evan though sometimes i need to go shopping for myself i am overwhelmed with guilt and cannot leave the shops without buying everyone a little something.

3. SLEEP LATE: huh?? whats that

4. R E L A X: i think its time i get a dictionary and look these strange words up.

5. Sew. For the life of me i think i was demotivated by the fact that every single item of clothing had a hole in it somewhere, so i conveniently forgot how to sew.

6.Get sick: this is the problem i sit with now - i try the "get better after they are in bed" routine it seems to work okay. But no time for SICK mommies

7. Watch a late night movie - oh please i just sit for 5 minutes and my body cannot believe it is sitting and R E L A X I N G and i fall asleep instantly. I am worse than the kids at staying up.

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angel said...

awesome list ydnic darling!