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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Necessity of Pets

The Kid has a puppy. The Kid is 8 months old. And yes, he has a pet. His name is Earl.

The Kid loves this damn dog. Even though I'm battling to house-train this freaking furball. Even though he chews holes in The Boyfriends underpants.
Even though he chews everything he can get his grubby little paws on. Even though I have to feed him, give him attention and foot the vet bills.
The Kid's whole face lights up when I let Earl into the house. This dog is so unbelievably gentle with The Kid. The Kid can pull his ears, put his hands in the dogs' mouth, take away his food or chew toy, and the dog just tolerates it, and waits til The Kid is done tormenting him.
The Kid follows this dog around everywhere. Loves to pat him, and lets him lick his face. I am not even allowed to touch The Kid's face, and trying to wipe it clean with a cloth incites much whining and wriggling. But he will hold still while Earl licks his face.
So what's my opinion on pets? I think they're important. They help strengthen the immune system, they teach children not to be afraid of dogs, and if a child grows up with furry pets, they're less likely to be allergic to cats or dogs.
Once The Kid is a bit older, these two will be inseparable. Partners in crime. It will lessen the impact of being an only child. And when he's old enough, he will do the feeding routines.
And for damn sure, he will be doing the shit-pickers'-waltz too!
*Please, bad mommies - dont forget to do Ydnic's homework task - there was an overlap with the 3 Bad Mommy Things as set by Jenty.


Ali Blogger said...

Kudos to you. We tried a dog and gave it to our sitter about a month later so our son could still see her. He loved her, but she was so much damn work I figured we might as well just have another kid! :)

angel said...

done both...
i think living in a 2nd floor flat most of lour lives made it easy for me not to get a pet of any kind.

sweets said...

Earl... classic!! :)

i would love to have a dog but i've had to give two dogs away in the past because of circumstances... so i just feel too guilty to even think of getting another! and we're never there... we leave at 7 and get home at 5... not fair!