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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The worst mama ever . . . .

So, it goes like this. I fetch Ciara from aftercare at school yesterday and she is crying. I immediately ask her whats wrong, like the good momma I thought I was, and she tells me she fell and hurt her wrist.

So I ask her if it is sore when she moves it, must we go to the hospital or does she think she will be okay. She tells me that it is REALLY sore. I am getting really frustrated, because seriously, who wants to go and sit at the emergency room at night in the cold?

I'm thinking, it's probably just bruised, this child is such a drama queen*.

So after much mmming and aaahing, I head over to Unitas to have my child seen to. I am not a happy momma at this point. I want to be at home. It's dark. It's cold. I have SO many chores to do.

After spending 400 hours** at the emergency room, we get the result that she has, in fact, fractured her wrist. She is currently in a splint, with a cast being put on on Friday.

So, it's official. I'm the crappiest momma ever.

* In my defence, the child is the queen of drama, and belongs on stage, in fact, she should be awarded an honorary Academy Award for Outstanding Performance in Bawling at Absolutely Everything.
** Okay, so it was only an hour and a half, but the drama queen apple does not fall far from the drama queen tree.

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angel said...

aw shame! i woulda prolly done the same thing...

acidicice said...

Awww. I don't blame you. Kids sometimes cry for little or no reason. My mother wouldn't believe me about a pain I had once - she thought I was trying to get out of going to school. Luckily my grandmother intervened and took me to the doctor who had me rushed into surgery, my appendix burst as they cut me open. My mother felt REALLY bad, but I survived it.

You don't want to be one of those mothers who takes their child to the doctor for every runny nose and nappy rash though. I get it :)

phd in yogurtry said...

all of us would have, should have done the same. its hard to tell if "its broke".. we all hazard a guess and wait until we can be more sure. and yeah, who in their right mind wants to sit in the ER for hours, to find out, "just a sprain".. so go easy on yourself, good momma.

sweets said...

poor thing! you and her ;)